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We know how to unlock Google and send you a flood of new customers. Our services are beneficial in the following ways:

Increased Exposure

we give your business the exposure it deserves by streamlining all digital roads and increasing online presence by controlling Google rankings.

Get More Customers

Our services help drive more customers to your website, products, and services than any other online marketing strategies.

Increased Revenue

By attracting more customers to your business, your revenue will shoot and make your company grow.


we are SEO professionals and plus we belong to genius groups that are the world’s best SEOs. We discuss strategy, what’s working and what to move away from. We stay on top of our industry to benefit your site.

We are your Partner

Whether you want an update or has a question you would like to ask, we will be happy to give an honest answer. Our dedicated team will expertly answer all your questions or solve any problem you have

Monthly Reports

We provide our clients with detailed and timely reports of any changes in the industry including advertising recommendations and other reports. We also provide our clients with monthly reports, noteworthy news, and ranking updates to make our clients well informed.

Worry-free Contract

If in case you are paying a company but is not delivering the results you expect, why should you be forced to stick around?. Top Liger will offer you with worry-free month-to-month contracts, and we ensure we deliver on our mandate.

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SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the marketing of services or products on the internet including a wide range of marketing methods on a variety of digital media. These days the majority of people use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) instead of Digital Marketing because it has been more common and understandable, but essentially SEO is a subset of Digital Marketing.

The followings are eight benefits of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :

1. SEO Means Better Rankings and Better User Experience

User experience has become a crucial ranking factor in search engines. The web crawlers and search engines want to see good user signals such as low bounce rates and high time on site to give it a better ranking. The only way to achieve the right user signals is by having a mobile-friendly site design and the incorporation of relevant photos and videos in your web content.

All these elements contribute towards providing an excellent user experience to anyone who visits your site.
Technically, if you’re optimizing your site for search engines, then you’re automatically improving your user experience. Great user experience means more trust, increased conversion rates, and improved brand loyalty, what we do at Top Liger Media.

2. Increased Web Traffic

Search Engine Optimization is an effective strategy that will give you desired results quickly. As soon as you begin your SEO efforts, you should expect an increase in web traffic to your site at a steady rate. You can use various Analytic and reporting tools to detect the rise in traffic. Your website becomes visible to more people which lead to the increased clicking of your website URL.

3. SEO Offers Higher Brand Credibility since People Trust Google Results

A lot of internet users believe that the first website that appears in Google search results is a reputable and trustworthy company. By implementing an effective SEO strategy, you build your brand name, and you suddenly become the guy that your competitors want to beat. If your site ranks poorly, people become skeptical about it. If search engines have a spot dedicated to your website at the top tier listing which features subpages listed below your main home page, your brand becomes credible that no ad can top.

4. Helps You to Keep Pace with Your Competitors SEO is a relatively new field that is fast gaining ground.

More businesses are beginning to realize the fact that its benefits are high. Your competitors already know about this development and are already taking advantage of it to hit their targets. If your competitors are using it and they are good at what they are doing, then they will appear before you in search engine results. You need to invest in SEO even if you offer better services than your competitors otherwise you’ll be left behind, In fact, the only thing that your Digital Marketing company could be wanting to take to the next level is greater investment in SEO.

5. SEO Offers Better and Compounding Returns on Investment Compared to other Marketing Tactics

An effective SEO strategy provides compounding returns over time. This means that every link you build, a piece of content you create, and every action you take is permanent. As long as your strategy is on, your search visibility and domain authority will continue to increase, your social media followings grow, and you’ll continue reaping from continual referral traffic and conversions. You’ll eventually develop a robust reputation that allows you to earn certain benefits as a result of a single action that you undertook.

6. It’s a Less Hands-on Marketing Strategy than the Other Inbound Techniques

Although social media and email marketing are highly effective strategies for generating leads, they both require a high degree of continual effort. However, you need a way of remaining on top of your customer minds. Search Engine Optimization offers an efficient way of achieving this since once your page is optimized, you can always sit back, relax, and watch it climb up the rankings ladder on its own merit. Typically, once you lay a proper foundation for your SEO strategy for any given website page, most of the challenging work is already accomplished.

7. SEO Takes Your Business to the Next Level

SEO is a powerful tool that can attract thousands of visitors to your site daily. This can play a crucial role in putting your business in a pole position for greater success. Soon you may find out that you need to migrate to a larger web server to accommodate the huge traffic and sales. Your customers become your greatest marketing strategy since they may recommend your product or service to their friends and family members. SEO is an excellent investment which will help you meet your sales targets.

8. It’s a Cost-Effective

SEO is the most cost-effective strategy since it only targets online users who are interested in your products and services. With a little bit of effort and an effective SEO strategy, you can sit back, relax, and watch your site achieve some consistent traffic. As long your website is listed at the top of the results, you don’t need to raise your advertising budget or cater for the pay per click views.

Top Liger Media with skilled SEO Experts can increase your business exposure and revenue.

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